Studio services

Let's take your song to the next level!

MIXINGGetting Music and Vocals to sound right together. Tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.
EDITINGSolving problems like:
Harsh “S”
Loud Breaths
Mouth Clicks
Room Ambiance
TIMING CORRECTIONGentle timing adjustments to get tight on the beat. Matching backups to your lead vocals for a cohesive sound
EFFECTSAll the creative stuff, delays, reverb, distortion, chorusing, phase, flange, etc. Classic effects, and cutting edge freshness
PITCH CORRECTIONAuto and Manual Pitch Correction. Sound like you’re from the past, present or future. Let us create amazing harmonies for you!
MASTERINGGet the most volume without compromising the sound of your mix. Top notch mastering tools combined with a professional mastering engineer will keep your music relevant and popular well into the future.

Advanced gear

Top Notch Professional Mixing

  • 425 square feet
  • SSL XL9080K 80-channel console
  • Pro Tools 10HD – 32 inputs/64 outputs.
  • Mac Pro Intel 8-Core 32GB
  • Apogee Big Ben
  • Sony 60″ Plasma Television
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  • Roland Dimension D
  • AMS RMX 16
  • AMS DMX Delay/Harmonizer
  • AD&R Panscan
  • SE1 Synthesizer
  • Korg Rackmounted Tuner
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  • Neve 33609 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
  • Avalon AD2055 EQ
  • GML 8200 EQ
  • Grace Designs M201 2-channel preamp
  • Manley Massive Passive 2-channel Tube EQ
  • Demeter 2-channel Tube DI
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About studio

Top Notch Professional Mixing & Mastering at the most affordable rates around.

Established 2004 in Toronto Canada, Sound Resolve provides a full range of professional studio services, engaging with independent musicians from a wide variety of musical genres. Helping artists achieve their goals and acquire the exact sound they've been searching for, always focusing on the desires of the client rather than adhering to conventional norms. The future of music is changing, and today's musicians are on the cutting edge of what the world is listening to.